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本文摘要:Not content with posting your selfies on Facebook or Twitter? Well, now you can wear them for everyone to see.将自拍公布到脸书和推特上还不过瘾吗?现在你可以将它印在皮肤上,让每个人都看见。


Not content with posting your selfies on Facebook or Twitter? Well, now you can wear them for everyone to see.将自拍公布到脸书和推特上还不过瘾吗?现在你可以将它印在皮肤上,让每个人都看见。Picatoo has launched a service which transforms Instagram photos into temporary inkings that can be worn wherever you like on your body.Picatoo公布了一项新的服务,该服务可将Instagram图片转化成临时墨迹,这样Instagram图片就可以印在身体任何地方。The Netherlands-based service ships what it has dubbed Insta-tats worldwide for free.这项技术由荷兰研发,现在它在世界各地以Insta-tats名为免费推展。

It was launched by photography products company Ink361, which monetizes Instagram usage by offering a web viewer and print-your-photos service, among other products.这项服务由Ink361摄影产品公司公布,该公司获取收费服务:Instagram的网页版服务(即用户可以在网页浏览器中在线查阅和共享Instagram的照片)、打印机Instagram照片服务及其他产品。For $14.99, Picatoo offers 12 temporary tattoos created from a dozen Instagram photos of your choice.只需14.99美元(约合人民币93.20元),Picatoo就可以老大你打印机12张临时纹身,纹身图案可由你在Instagram中给定自由选择。According to its website, each tattoo lasts around seven days, providing it isnt scrubbed or picked at.Picatoo的网站认为,如果没用力刮擦,每个纹身都可以维持7天左右。

Bringing your Instagram snaps from the screen into the real world is nothing new, however.不过,将屏幕上的Instagram照片打印机成现实的纹身并不新奇。Last year Boomf launched its marshmallow service that saw confectionery printed with peoples favourite shots.去年,Boomf公布了棉花糖服务,通过该服务,人们可以将讨厌的照片印在甜食上。For $25, Instagram users can upload pictures from their desktop or login with Instagram or Facebook.只需25美元(约合人民币139.95元),Instagram用户就可以从桌面上载图片或者指定Instagram或脸书。

Customers then choose nine photos you like and go to the checkout. Since its launch one man has even proposed to his girlfriend using the service.客户可以自由选择9张讨厌的照片然后收费打印机。服务公布后,一个男子早已利用它向女友表白。